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We would be honored if you would consider supporting this ministry.

Your donation will be used to support recurring expenses (Hosting Costs, Streaming Costs, Acquiring Music, etc.)

All money received goes to ministry. No salaries, etc. We  Volunteer as part of our convictions to lead our world to Christ.

We also accept donations of music. We must have the originals. We cannot accept music compilations burnt to a disk by you. We especially love oldies. If you are willing to donate originals it does not matter if they are records, cassettes, or cd’s. We will use software such as Audacity to remove evidence of wear to improve the audio quality as much as possible.

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Southern Gospel Music Syndicated Programming

We reserve the right to accept or reject music submitted. Please include your mailing address so we can return music if necessary to you. please do not take offence if we return your music. We have a  vision as to the direction of this station and music outside that vision will be rejected.